From prototype to end product

Company origins, our philosophy and modern technology

Founded in 1979, the company is specialised in transforming solid wood, using CAD-CAM-CAE software and numerically controlled machinery, thanks to which ideas are transformed immediately into designs and then an end product.
Specifically, our investment in software has enabled us to be able to receive drawings directly from the customer, translate them into CAD language for prototyping with a view to mass production, and thereby maximise efficiency in terms of the materials and human resources used.

A passion for what we do

At Palù Mario Srl, we have been in business for many years and have a real passion for what we do, as well as knowledge of and respect for the raw materials we model to meet our customer’s requests. For more than thirty years we have lovingly transformed every piece of solid wood that has come our way into a designer object, a work of art, unique in both its quality and finishes.

Experience with every type of project

Over the years, we have built up a great deal of experience in working solid wood and, today, we are the only company in Italy to process this type of wood, making us a safe choice, backed by strong experience with every type of project.

From prototype to end product

The origins of the existing company date back to 1979, when the work involved creating semi-finished components for the furniture industry. Over the years, the company has transformed its business, specialising in processing solid wood.
At present, numerically controlled machinery and CAD-CAM software allow us to develop and construct finished products on behalf of our customers. Thanks to 3D design software, we are also able to take care of prototyping for subsequent mass production.